Bathroom Colour Scheme

Bathroom Colour Scheme Ideas

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Bathroom colour – why is it so important?

Having a couple of ideas for your bathroom colour scheme is incredibly important when designing your future bathroom. The way you decorate your bathroom affects the appearance of its size, from using bathroom paint to the tile colours. We have already mentioned that a wet room is an ideal solution to a smaller bathroom. However, bathroom colours are an aspect many miss when making their small bathroom or wet room appear larger. With a wet room you have the freedom to make it your own, decorating it with any bathroom colour scheme that you like. However here are a few bathroom paint colour ideas to make the most out of the room and create your own dream bathroom.


1. Maintain the same bathroom colour/tone throughout

Keep the bathroom colour scheme mostly the same shade; a contrast of brightness of colours will only make the bathroom seem smaller. Any contrast should be made through a feature, for instance, the vanity units.



2. Ensure that the wall colour and tile colour blend together in your bathroom colour scheme

Separating spaces within the wetroom can make the room seem smaller than it is. In other words, don’t contrast the bathroom walls/tiles in the shower area to the walls/tiles outside the shower area. This sections the room and cuts the visual size in half. Blend the bathroom colour scheme and make your room look larger and more open.



3. Make the bathroom ceiling paint the same colour as the walls

Create a bathroom that is unified in colour to reduce visual sections. Having the bathroom ceiling paint the same colour as the wetroom walls expands the room visually. The bathroom ceiling usually appears darker as the lights in your room usually point downwards so having the bathroom ceiling paint slightly lighter than the walls can be a good idea.



4. Create the illusion of a higher ceiling

By putting a moulding around the ceiling, you will create the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it is. This overall adds to the visual expansion of the room.



5. Use neutral, pastel colours for serenity

Try to avoid bright exciting bathroom paint colours, instead use neutral and pastel colours to ensure your bathroom looks larger and more open. These colours also can make you feel more relaxed, an important factor in a bathroom colour scheme.

Remember that light is a key factor in making the most out of your bathroom visual space. We recommend using whites, especially if your bathroom has a limited natural light source. These bright neutral colours add visual size and open up your bathroom. Keep tuned and we’ll shortly be giving advice on how to paint a bathroom!


We hope you have found our bathroom colour scheme ideas useful, and if you would like more advice either follow our blog or click here to make a wonderful trip to the Unishower website. If you are looking to save space in your bathroom, combine these colour tips with a hinged wet room screen to maximise the freedom in your bathroom.

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