Make money with a small bathroom

Increase your house value with a small bathroom!

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Finding ways to increase your house value with a small bathroom are often overlooked by homeowners. Also investing in a wet room in your small bathroom may have more benefits than just looking spectacular. Wet rooms have been known recently to increase the value of your house. Adding that extra value is always beneficial and can be easier than other investments. Armed with fantastic wet room ideas, you can even create a small bathroom into a spacious room with maximised freedom.


A new bathroom may add at least £3,500 to a house value

Research conducted by HSBC into increasing property values have shown that a new bathroom can add at least £3,500 to a house value. Other studies have even stated that the number could increase up to £30,000!

Wet rooms can be a great boost to the value of your home for a small investment

Where an extension may set you back tens of thousands, a good wet room conversion is a much less expensive renovation. A wet room can cost anywhere around the region of £1,500 – £4000 which can include all fittings – this means a great boost to the value of your home for a relatively small investment.

A wet room is ideal for a small bathroom

En-suites are a great way to increase house value, adding that extra feature to a bedroom. If you’re careful with this bathroom renovation in regards to space, it could be a brilliant way to increase your property value. This is perfect for making the most out of small bathrooms or if you have the space, adding an en-suite to a bedroom. A wet room is ideal for small bathrooms, and Unishower offer a wide range of hinged wet room screens that swing at 180° to increase both bathroom freedom and accessibility.

Alternatively you can keep the freedom of a wet room with a 3-sided shower enclosure

We understand that a wet room isn’t for everyone, and if you’re looking for a smaller investment for similar returns, you could consider a walk in shower enclosure. You won’t lose much freedom, and they can be just as flexible with small bathrooms as wet rooms are. The 3-sided shower enclosure range, enables you to place the shower against a wall with a window, utilising often wasted space in this area.

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wet room ideas for small bathrooms


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