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Wet room Ideas – Simplified

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The idea of turning your bathroom into a wet room can be a scary one. However, Unishower are here with the basics of wetroom ideas to help you convert your out dated bathroom into a fresh, modern and sleek room. There are a wide variety of wet room ideas ranging from space saving hinged wet rooms screens to easy access wet room screens – visit the Unishower website to view the different ranges. In the meantime, here is a basic summary of what it takes to build a wet room.


What is a wet room?

The wet room is becoming a more and more popular alternative to the traditional bathroom. It eliminates the claustrophobic feel of a traditional shower enclosure and lets you open up your bathroom, giving you the freedom that you deserve.

The shower space is an extension of the floor, getting rid of the ‘step-over’ shower tray. This is usually tiled, fitting seamlessly in with the design of the rest of the flooring.

The initial task is creating a gradient into the floor, which essentially allows the water to flow into the drainage system. The next step, arguably the most important aspect of the wet room is to ensure that the room is waterproofed. If you are not completely comfortable with doing this step yourself, we would highly recommend having a professional look at this. A leakage could cause more damage than it’s worth. However once done successfully, your wet room will be as leak-proof as it can be.

To make your life easier, you can purchase wet room kits, which include under-floor trays, tanking kits and drainage system. These are easier and cost effective – it enables you to get everything from one place. Unishower provide a range of sizes of full wet room kits to help you create the wet room you deserve.

See below for full wet room kit drainage guides:

Click Here For Fitting Instructions Of Drain In Tiled Floor

Click Here For Fitting Instructions Of Drain In Vinyl Floor


Wet Room Ideas #1 – Wet Room Tiles and flooring

The visual design of the room is a very important aspect of the wet room, as you want the design not only to be relaxing and beautiful, but also to last. We recommend porcelain or non-porous ceramic wet room tiles that come in various styles and sizes.

Other wet room ideas for flooring and wet room tiles include slate, marble and limestone, which will have to be sealed to prevent water damage, however will add a unique aspect to your bathroom.

Corian is a low maintenance material; you can use it on nearly every surface if you choose. However the potential downside is that it’s more expensive than the other materials

wet room ideas
Samples of Corian

Things to remember:

  • If you opt in for a porous stone, you will need to repeat sealing every couple of months.
  • Never use wall tiles on the floor as these may become hazardous to walk on when wet



Wet Room Ideas #2 – Shower Features

 One of the most common questions that people ask when considering a wet room is, “will my towels and toilet paper get wet?” The answer is no, if you install a wet room shower screen to shield these necessities from overspray. By installing a wet room screen, you can make your wet room look modern and contemporary and give your bathroom that stunning look it deserves. Whether you want a fixed glass panel or a hinged wet room screen, is up to you. The benefit of a hinged wet room screen is that you can have much more accessibility in and out of the shower.  Unishower’s hinged wet room screens allow a 180º movement so you can push the screen back against a wall to make your bathroom space look and feel larger.

Other features to consider are the showerhead and even body sprays to give your wet room a luxury. Perhaps give the shower more statement by installing a large, waterfall showerhead. The combinations are endless so do a bit of research and find which showerhead would suit you best.


Wet Room Ideas #3 – Keeping the room dry

It’s absolutely necessary to keep ventilation in mind when constructing a wet room. It’s important to realise that effective extraction and ventilation will prevent mould as well as unwanted condensation. We recommend placing an extractor fan on the ceiling to prevent any humidity from rising through the ceiling.

Under floor heating is also highly recommended. Even though it’s not essential, it will help speed up the process of drying as well as keeping your toes nice and cosy during the cold winter months.

The conversion of bathroom to wetroom can be daunting and sometimes the cost can seem frightening. However, a wetroom will benefit you in the long run enabling you to have showers every day in spa-like conditions, the easy access you may need when you’re older and less agile and they have been known to add value onto your house.

We recommend speaking to a professional to install your perfect wetroom, but the visual design will be all up to you. Unishower provide a wide range of screens and we are always willing to give our professional advice on any queries that you may have regarding sizes and features.


wet room ideas



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