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Wet Room Vs. Shower Enclosure

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Wet room or shower enclosure? It can be difficult choosing the correct type of shower to work in your bathroom, never mind thinking about the colours and other features you may wish to include.

We’re here to help give you a little friendly advice, hoping to bring you closer to your perfect bathroom.


Advantages of a wet room:

  • The wet room design is currently highly stylish and contemporary. You have the more freedom and choice in the design, really giving you the ability to make it your own.
  • Wet rooms are ideal for smaller bathrooms. They create more space and destroys the boundaries that a traditional shower enclosure and tray create. This makes the room look and feel larger than it is. Unishower provide a wide range of space-saving hinged wet room screens that are perfect for creating this necessary freedom.
  • Easy to clean. This can be a valid benefit for those who dislike scrubbing and scrubbing in a small, contained space. A wet room has fewer frustrating crevasses that you need to dig into weekly.
  • Wet rooms are very desirable and have been known to increase the value of your house, especially in a 2nd bathroom
  • Wet rooms are much more protected from leaks than normal bathrooms. When waterproofed properly, wet rooms are less likely to produce leaks than standard shower enclosure bathrooms. Check out our full wet room kits here.
  • If you’re afraid of your toilet paper or towels getting wet, have no fear. A simple wet room screen as seen on the Unishower website can prevent any overspray.


Space Saving Hinged Wet Room Screens
Space Saving Hinged Wet Room Screens
UniClosure 800 Space Saving  Hinged Folding Wet Room Screen
Only £289 + £39 Delivery
  • Hinged Shower Screen which folds in the middle
  • Screen opens inwards and outwards in 180° motion
  • 6mm safety glass
  • Reversible design for left hand or right hand fitting


Advantages of a shower enclosure:

  • A shower enclosure can be a cheaper and quicker renovation. A wet room can be a big decision due to the slightly higher costs involved. There are lots to consider when switching to a wet room and if you are looking for a quick and cheaper renovation, a simple Unishower shower enclosure may be better for you. Starting from £449 (including tray) shower enclosures maybe ideal for you.
  • Fitting a shower enclosure is an easier DIY project. Even though we recommend using a professional fitter in all circumstances, shower enclosures are much easier to install than a completely new wet room, especially with Unishower’s perfect installation designs.
  • You can use a variety of different textures and materials with a shower enclosure. Whereas a wet room requires tiling from floor to ceiling which can be expensive depending on the quality and the type of tiles.
  • Shower enclosures do not necessarily require the extras that a wet room may need e.g. under-floor heating, extra ventilation.
  • Ventilation can be a bit more simple for a shower enclosure, it needs to mainly be focused to a confined area of the bathroom.


Worried about the wet room cost?

The main disadvantage of a wet room seems to be the cost. With most, that little bit more of investment can go a long way and see your bathroom last much longer than a cheap fix. A wetroom may not be everybody’s taste; however it can be a figurehead feature in your bathroom with the ability to make the room into something special.


The middle road

Walk In Shower Enclosures

  • These can be considered half way between a wet room and a full shower enclosure. With a fixed screen and shower tray, these enable accessibility whilst maintaining the feel of a traditional shower enclosure.
  • Unishower provide a wide range of walk in showers, providing solutions to can-be problems such as small spaces as well as windows preventing corner installations (see our 3-sided walk ins  and L-Shaped walk in showers )


Line 1100 x 800 Walk In Shower Enclosure with Tray
Compact 1100×800 Walk in Shower
Line 1100×800 3 sided Walk in Shower Enclosure and Tray
Only £725 + Free Delivery
  • Suitable for left hand or right hand entry
  • Easy clean protection on glass
  • 10mm safety glass front screen and 8mm glass return sceens


We are always here to help with any questions or queries that you may have. Feel free to call us or visit our website for more info.

wet room ideas


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